Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today is Squillion Day at the Cat Blogosphere

Hi! I'm Piper (center) Official Purrperatzzi Reporter from Pet's Daily News to As The Squillion World Spins!! These are my two Photographers, Tom Crier (right) and Fishbone Nelson (left)! Today I am going to catch you up on what has been happening here in Meowville, FL!!
Squillion Day was started By Derby & Virginger!
Meet Olivia McKatten (L), Samuel Greytone McKatten, her husband (C) and Star Sliverton, Olivia's sister (R). Everything that goes on here revolves around this family!
Meet The Fluff Sisters, Meowviles most famous singing trio! Suzie Q Fluff (L), Lucky Samantha Fluff (C) and Sabrina Fluff (R)! These girls are notorous gossipers and they know everyones dirty little secrets!
This is Joey G. Ginger (L), Fat Tony Maroni Jr. (C) and OJ Tigger McKatten (Olivia and Samuel's Son (R)! These three have been friends since they were small Squillions and are 19 years old!
This is the Golfing Boys who control the city of Meowville, FL!! From (Left to Right) Sylvester Stone, Shorty Smith, Simom Jones, Fat Anthony Maroni Sr. and David Curletta! These M-Cats are always up to something! (And I keep a sharp eye out on them! Piper)
These four are (L To R) Selena Jones, Beverly Jackson, Tabita Smith and Loretta Green! They are the town Fashion Mavens! They think they should be in charge of what everyone does and thinks and wears!
Meet Miss Ariel McKatten (Olivia & Samuel's daughter) and her Boyfuriend Romeo James! Here they are on a romantic date! Mom and Dad don't know about him! He is from the wrong side of the tracks and she is just 16!
These are the town thugs George and Milton Donadlson (L) and twins Tommy and Johnny Gingersnap! They are always up to no good!
This is the Secret Meowville Purr Purr Society Club! I (Piper) am still working on who they are and what their Society is all about! Stay tuned for more about them......
This is Claude and Vivian McKatten (Samuel's Mother & Father! They are sitting in front of there house watching the stars! They have been married for 50 years!
This is (L to R) Jojo Sling, Patty Bubbles and Trixie Kelly!! They are the local good time girls!!
And this is Bernard Jameson, the Mayor of Meowville, FL! He has his hands in more pies than a bakery!! He tries to do his best by the town!


HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Happy Squillions day yall!!!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh look at all the ownderful Squillion kittie swho live here with you dear Samantha and Mr Tigger! I can not tell you how much they made me smile as you introduced them to me one by two or three or four. I specially like the secret society as they sat around the candle light.
My four girls would love to come over and sit a spell!
Love Miss Peach

Eric and Flynn said...

We are very pleased to meet all you resident Squillions of Meowville.
Happy Squillions day to all of you.

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Love al the Squillions!!!!

The Whippy Curly Tails