Monday, August 25, 2008

Not The Mama Monday

Thanks Mo (aka) Not The Mama! We thank you for all you do for the kitties and the beans! The Squillions at As The Squillion World Spins

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Come on in and enjoy The Cats

Come on in and enjoy this Week's Participants!
As the Squillion World Spins Welcomes You!

Your Hosts are Samantha & Mr. Tigger, Bernard, Lucky Sam, OJ Tigger, Miss Ariel & Typist Mom

Parker from Perfectly Parker turned 7 this week and got HAM for a treat! Way to go Parker! And Happy Birthday from all us Squillions!

Bazel from Mind of Mog is smiling! But it doesn't look like a friendly one! Whatcha thinking about doing?

Cece from iInfidel is outside, but at 108 degrees he won't be for long! Mom says go inside under the Air condition and keep cool!

Brownie from Las Adventuras de Brownie is not feeling well. Please go by and wish him well!

Maruschka from Rosa's Yummy Yums has a nickname of "Humpus Maximus"! Go by and see her to find out how she got that name!

China Cat & Willow from sammawow look pretty cool today! Where did you learn that effect?

Luna from CatSynth makes such a pretty picture! Whatcha thinking about?

Mimi & Pepi are helping out Mom at her a crystals & jewelry adventure blog! Check out all the cool jewelry there!

LB at the Sour Dough says napping places with pillows are best! Do you like hard or soft pillows?

Arthur at My Cats & Funny Stories seems to have something on his head! Find our what it was and how it got there!!!

Fracas at Artsy Catsy does not look happy? Find out the whole story of his Easy Like Sunday Morning!

Salome at The CatBoys Realm tells us the story of her escape and return one dark and stormy night! We are so glad she is safe and home agin!

Othello at Paulchen's Food Blog is getting all cleaned up for Mrs. Othello (Gree) while Kashim was snoozing the day away! Both great things to do on a Sunday!

Thanks everyone for partisipating! We had fun and enjoyed all the posts! Next weeks Host is
Katie and Puddy at A Byootaful Life!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging at As The Squillion World Spins

Welcome To As The Squillion World Spins we are this weeks Weekend Cat Blogging Hosts. (With a little help from Samantha & Mom). Please leave your post in the comment section below! Thanks. Bernard
Lucky Sam and OJ Tigger
Miss Ariel